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Gandhi Cluj offers a wide range of products from India in a unique location. Gandhi is a name that is a synonym of the Indian culture, its people and its food. Two young men, Mohammed and Mustafa wanted to see the world, to experience new things and meet people with whom to share their passion and love for traditional Indian food. Come and convince yourself of the excellent preparations of the two magnificent chefs whose food was appreciated by great culinary critics such as James Martin, Gino D'Acampo and Ainsley Harriott

The restaurant is located in Babos Palace, a palace built between 1895-1896 by Sandor Babos, a jeweler and watchmaker famous in that period. The building is a historical and architectural monument. Also it is a representative building for the Belle Époque. Over time, this palace was home of many stores in Cluj, it was home for jewelery shops, banks or headquarters of artistic guilds from Transylvania.

Restaurant Gandhi Cluj

: Piața Mihai Viteazu 1, Cluj Napoca
: 0364 110 877
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